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DCL | Kids Journal

This was a challenge presented to The Imagination House by DCL to come up with a creative solution to keep children entertained while sailing from port to port during the last visit of the Disney Magic to the Mediterranean.

The Imagination House came up with a concept called “The Journal of Time”. This secret journal has kept the order of history and its treasures safe for centuries guarded by a seal that serves as as “lock” for the journal. Unfortunately this seal has been broken into 8 different pieces that have landed on the 8 ports the ship will visit.

Every night each kid would find on their bed a portion of this journal full of games and activities which they need to finish before reaching the next port, once all the games have been completed the journal reveals a clue that points kids to the location of a DCL counselor who would stamp their book with a piece of the lost seal.

At the end of their cruise and after receiving all 8 stamps of the broken seal kids would be awarded the real “Seal of Time” which they would put back on their journal to keep the order of history safe one more time.

The Attic team was in charge of designing 2 different sets of journals, one set for teens and one set for children under 10 years old. Two very elegant binders were designed to hold each set as well as a pin or “seal of time” and 128 pages per binder filled with dozens of games, activities and illustrations.

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