We a team of artists, producers, brand strategists and marketing professionals dedicated to visual problem solving in all media, The Attic develops visual identities and branding strategies in broadcast, print, interactive and digital formats for a wide variety of clients, from cable networks to theme parks to regular TV advertisers and everything in between.
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A short story about us, and our work

Since 1993, Javier Beltran has been building his career by participating in thousands of projects for several Fortune 500 companies. When he opened EFX, a small post-production studio in Caracas Venezuela, Javier built his skills in everything from linear editing in a Betacam SP suite all the way to acquiring one of the first AVID workstations in Latin America and a few Silicon Graphics computers to run powerful graphics tools, like: Parallax Matador, Alias Wavefront and Softimage. Back in 1995, EFX got an exclusive contract to run all Procter&Gamble post-productions for the region from Mexico to Argentina, making his company grow from 12 employees to more than 30, creating more than 3500 advertising pieces in 10 years. In 2001, Javier Beltran moved his family to the United States where EFX Corp laid the roots of what TheAttic.tv is today.

Javier Beltran

Creative Director | Animator

Maria Sayol

CFO | Exclusive Producer

Ana Karina Beltran

Designer | Animator


11/01/2022 TEA Awards -OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT | Entrance Experience, St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station, St. Louis Missouri”
5/15/2016 Telly Award – Best Promotional Branding – iDrive “I Sizzle
03/24/2015 TEA Awards – Technomedia – Union Station
11/15/2011 Crystal Reel Awards Best animation – Adventure to Fitness
2/01/2006 Latin Promax Award Best Interactive Piece – Warner Channel
11/27/2003 Ailanza Award Public Service Award – Alianza Para Una Venezuela Sin Drogas
8/20/2001 Anda Award Gran Prix Television – Toyota de Venezuela
8/12/2001 Anda Award Best Editing – The Coca-Cola Company
10/25/2000 Anda Award Silver Medal Award – Chrysler
6/10/2000 Anda Award Best Comercial Campaign – Sony Entertainment Television
4/12/2000 Anda Award Best Comercial Campaign – Ford Motors
2/15/2000 Ailanza Award Public Service Award – Alianza
12/17/1999 New York Festival Award Best Cinematography – Pepsi-Cola de Vzla
12/2/1999 Ailanza Award Public Service Award – Alianza Para una Venezuela Sin Drogas
11/29/1999 Anda Award Gran Prix – Diario Panorama
11/29/1999 Anda Award Best Comercial Campaign – Diario Panorama
8/25/1999 New York Festival Award Best Soft Drink Campaign – Pepsi Cola de Vzla
6/10/1999 Ailanza Award Best Public Services Campaign – Alianza
3/8/1999 Anda Award Best Editing – Mavesa
3/8/1999 New York Festival Award Best Non-Alcoholic Drink – Mavesa
2/17/1999 New York Festival Award Best Image Promotion – Sony Entertainment Television
2/17/1999 Promax Award Best Image Campaign – Sony Entertainment Television
12/18/1998 New York Festival Award Best Cinematography – Ministerio del Trabajo
11/6/1998 Anda Award Best Corporate Image – Movilnet
5/6/1998 Clio Award Silver Medal – Toyota de Venezuela
5/6/1998 New York Festival Award Winner Original Scoring – Toyota de Venezuela
5/6/1998 New York Festival Award Winner Best Editing – Toyota de Venezuela
4/20/1998 Ailanza Award Public Service Award – Alianza Para una Venezuela Sin Drogas
10/31/1997 Anda Award Best Editing – Grupo Corimon
7/16/1997 Anda Award Best Special Effects – Cervecera Nacional
6/12/1997 Award Nomination Best Public Service Campaign – SENIAT
5/13/1997 New York Festival Award Winner Best Cinematography – Toyota
5/7/1997 New York Festival Award Winner Cinematography Bronze – Fundación Amigos de la vida
5/7/1997 New York Festival Award Winner Health & Hygiene Silver – Fundación Amigos de la vida
3/7/1996 London Festivals Award Winner Best Editing – John Holden
12/15/1993 Anda Award Pharmacy & Medicine – Laboratorios Calox

What have you heard

Javier es la persona mas brillante, actualizada e ingeniosa que he conocido en mi vida. he sido sumamente afortunado de haber sido su Socio comercial y ese heho me brindo grandes satisfaciiones profesionalles y personales, logrando nuestra Empresa muchos premios Nacionales e Internacionales. Gracias Socio.

James Harvey Ball Barrera - Presidente de Distribuidora Tonhar

Conozco a Javier desde hace más de 10 años. He aprendido con Javier muchas de las cosas que hasta ahora me han servido de mucho. Javier como innovador y animador es alquien que ha dejado huella en el mercado latinoamericano. Su capacidad de gerencial, su pasión hacia los nuevos métodos de producción y animación lo hacen un extraordinario profesional. El trabajar con Javier me da seguridad en alcanzar los obejtivos planteados. Su liderazgo a la hora de asumir retos es indiscutible. Javier es de las pocas personas que ve un trabajo de animación como un todo y esto en mercadeo y publicidad es vital para alcanzar cada centímetro del mercado deseado.

Enrique Coll - Executive Producer. Entrepreneur.

Javier is very creative, professional and friendly. It's a pleasure to work with him.

Elizabeth Baralt - Writer and Producer. Author of the book "Amar Más Allá de la Vida"

Javier Beltran is an excellent person whom I know very good. As a professional Mr. Beltran gives the best of his talent in engineering TV stations, studios and also consulting in that area. With him It´s always pleasant to share work, and be feed by his knowledge. I still look forward for the day to reunite again in a project, in partnership, that could last in time. Javier Beltran is a person to be lucky to work with.

Orlando Urdaneta - IMAGE VP at CB24 Noticias Centroamérica

Javier is an excellent professional whom I highly recommend without any doubt. He delivered an unbelievable job that included a lot of hard creative work (www.travelnation.tv). He also delivered very high end "HD" graphics that will soon be bradcasted on National television through the TRAVAL CHANNEL. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.

Deborah Von Brod - Executive Television Producer

One would be hard-pressed to find, in a single individual, the creativity, technical expertise, and work ethic that Javier Beltran possesses. From creative concepts to final output, animation to editorial, internet to jumbotrons, Javier Beltran has the talent and experience to get the job done and done right.

George Boldizsar - Managing Producer at Frames & Fortune

Javier is a great professional, with a good aproach to customers, he has a great ability to interact with people and creat relationships. He is perfect for business and commercial relationships. He also has strong knoledge of the business and industry.

Marco Costa - Executive Director

I had the privilege to work with Javier Beltran. He is a responsible, highly creative and exceptional human being that gives 100% to all his works in a very professional way. Tuve el privilegio de trabajar con Javier Beltran. El es responsable, altamente creativo y un ser humano de excepción que da el 100% en todos sus trabajos en una forma muy profesional.

Juan Cabrera - Executive Producer

Javier's passion for contribution and excellence is obvious throughout his long running career in broadcast media. His expertise is unparalleled and willingness to teach other's is a true mark of leadership about team work and effective communication. I have been honored to work with Javier and learned a tremendous amount. Any creative group, technical organization or curious individual looking to work, learn and laugh with the best in the business need not look much farther.

George Washington - National Solutions Director (UX) at Neudesic

Javier takes time to understand each situation and the challenges unique to it, then crafts solutions that break through. His insights and creative approach helped us win critical international business against a tough competitor who should have had the advantage. Javier proved to be a bigger advantage.

Kelly Smith - Vice President, Managing Creative Director LPK

Javier is an outstanding professional you always want to have by your side, someone who definitely will be key for the project you are working on. A very nice guy with a proactive attitude, passionate, pretty versatile and highly skilled with a profound know how of Television and how it is made. His vast experience and a broad range of skills assures you he is more than able to lead and manage successfully any project, from the technical standpoint to the creative aspects of it. Always willing to do his best to exceed the expectations while generating astonishing and effective results.

Antonio Rojas - Head of On-Air & Creative Services at Discovery Communications

Javier is extremely knowledgeable in his field. Our first project with Javier went seamless and he brought a level of confidence as if we had worked together previously. I would recommend Javier and would use him on future projects.

Frank Igrec - Director of Marketing, Dick's Sporting Goods.

If there is someone I would like being endorsed by, that would be Javier Beltrán. Etrepreneur, visionary, techno-geek, post production genius, Mac addict, hardworking and of easygoing character. What else could be said?

Edward Thomas - Head of Studies at Supinfocom Rubika India

I hired Javier to create some computer animation. The results were stunning. Javier took my concepts and feedback and translated them exactly in what I was looking for. Bravo! — Benjamin Thomson

Benjamin Thomson - Consultant at Wonderstruk Media

Javier is by far one of the most talented designers I've worked with. His artistic eye is able to visualize and materialize beautiful compositions and compelling motion graphics — all with striking attention to detail. He is a storyteller, and a true master of his craft!

Andres Aranguibel - Co-founder @HotSwitch


Our main goal is becoming an important asset within your creative team. We focus our attention in providing the best support for each and every single one of your projects, regardless of its size or budget.  It is important for us to make you feel we are part of your team at any time so you can trust us in partaking on all those fun adventures that we call projects.