We a team of artists, producers, brand strategists and marketing professionals dedicated to visual problem solving in all media, The Attic develops visual identities and branding strategies in broadcast, print, interactive and digital formats for a wide variety of clients, from cable networks to theme parks to regular TV advertisers and everything in between.
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About EFX

EFX Plus Publicidad, C.A.

With more that 40 nominations from the biggest Venezuelan advertising and TV production awards, EFX won more than 30 national and international recognitions, Including: 12 Anda Awards, 3 PromaxBDA Awards, 10 New York Festivals, 1 Clio, 4 “Ailanza para una Venezuela Sin Drogas” Awards and 1 London Festivals Award, and produced more than 3500 TV ads in 10 years.

EFX (1993-2003) Show Reel


On September 14, 1993, EFX opened its doors as a small post-production studio in Caracas Venezuela with a lineal Betacam SP editing suite and the first license of Parallax Matador in Latin America over a Silicon Graphics Impact computer. By December of that year, the major TV network in the country, Venevision, hired EFX to create a graphics package for their broadcast coverage of the 1993 Venezuelan presidential elections, providing EFX with a really impactful introduction to the post-production market in Caracas.

By mid 1994, EFX consolidated its presence by acquiring one of the first AVID workstations in Latin America and a few more Silicon Graphics computers to run powerful graphic tools like: Matador, Alias Wavefront, Maya and Softimage. Back in 1995, EFX got an exclusive contract to run all Procter&Gamble post-productions for the region from Mexico to Argentina, making the company grow from 12 employees to more than 30, and from 1 Avid suite to 4 Avid Symphony bays, creating more than 3500 advertising pieces in 10 years.

In 2001, Javier Beltran moved his family to the United States where EFX Corp laid the roots of what TheAttic.tv is today.

Gear and Tools

A Digital Betacam ad SP Lineal edit suite. multiple Accom DDRs, a Sony DFS-500 with a Sony BVE-2000. 4 Avid Media Composer Symphony. 4 Silicon Graphics Workstations with. Avid Matador, Softimage, Maya, Elastic Reality, 4 Mac PRO Workstations with all Adobe programs.


All major Ad agencies and Venezuelan TV Networks, as well as the best production companies in the country. including:

ARS Publicidad, J Walter Thompson, Leo Burnett, BBDO, McCann Erickson, AW Saatchi & Saatchi, Bapro Publicidad, FCB Publicidad, JMC Young & Rubicam,Venevision, RCTV, Televen, Globovision. Just to name a few.


2/01/2006               Latin Promax Award Best Interactive Piece – Warner Channel
11/27/2003            Ailanza Awards – Alianza Para Una Venezuela Sin Drogas
8/20/2001               Anda Award Gran Prix Television – Toyota de Venezuela
8/12/2001               Anda Award Best Editing – The Coca-Cola Company
10/25/2000            Anda Award Silver Medal Award – Chrysler
6/10/2000               Anda Award Best Campaign – Sony Entertainment Television
4/12/2000               Anda Award Best Comercial Campaign – Ford Motors
2/15/2000               Ailanza Award Public Service Award – Alianza
12/17/1999            New York Festival Award Best Cinematography – Pepsi
12/2/1999               Ailanza Awards – Alianza Para una Venezuela Sin Drogas
11/29/1999            Anda Award Gran Prix – Diario Panorama
11/29/1999            Anda Award Best Comercial Campaign – Diario Panorama
8/25/1999               New York Festival Award Best Campaign – Pepsi Cola de Vzla
6/10/1999               Ailanza Award Best Public Services Campaign – Alianza
3/8/1999                 Anda Award Best Editing – Mavesa
3/8/1999                 New York Festival Award Best Non-Alcoholic Drink – Mavesa
2/17/1999               New York Festival Award Best Image – Sony
2/17/1999               Promax Award Best Image Campaign – Sony
12/18/1998            New York Festival Award Best Cinematography – Min. del Trabajo
11/6/1998               Anda Award Best Corporate Image – Movilnet
5/6/1998                 Clio Award Silver Medal – Toyota de Venezuela
5/6/1998                 New York Festival Award Winner Original Scoring – Toyota
5/6/1998                 New York Festival Award Winner Best Editing – Toyota
4/20/1998               Ailanza Awards – Alianza Para una Venezuela Sin Drogas
10/31/1997            Anda Award Best Editing – Grupo Corimon
7/16/1997               Anda Award Best Special Effects – Cervecera Nacional
6/12/1997               Award Nomination Best Public Service Campaign – SENIAT
5/13/1997               New York Festival Award Winner Best Cinematography – Toyota
5/7/1997                 New York Festival Award Winner -Amigos de la vida
5/7/1997                 New York Festival Award Winner Health & Hygiene ADLV
3/7/1996                 London Festivals Award Winner Best Editing – John Holden
12/15/1993            Anda Award Pharmacy & Medicine – Laboratorios Calox

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