We a team of artists, producers, brand strategists and marketing professionals dedicated to visual problem solving in all media, The Attic develops visual identities and branding strategies in broadcast, print, interactive and digital formats for a wide variety of clients, from cable networks to theme parks to regular TV advertisers and everything in between.
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Creative Services


Broadcast Design
Effective corporate identity design is the art of abstracting the essence of a company.  Brand integration ensures that this abstracted essence touches all significant aspects of a business. Without integration, brand identity becomes mere window dressing. Can a corporate identity move?  Now it can. Identity in motion, whether in broadcast or on the web, challenges established design principles and creates stunning new options.  They key consideration here, however, is not the motion; it is how this movement supports the brand’s strategic direction.
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Motion Graphics

3D, 2D Animation & Visual Effects
The broadcast environment has become an exercise in design choreography.  Imagery, type, effects, editing – everything in motion – is combined to redefine broadcast itself.  The all-at-onceness of these elements produces the unique opportunity to create simultaneous design hierarchies and communication options.
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Editing & Color Correction

Post-Production Services
Video Editing is the craft of making sense.  Moving elements must be designed to compel both attention and understanding. And messaging must be designed to compel consumers to act.  Good video editing is clarity that hits right between the eyes.
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Rotoscoping, masking, silhouetting. What ever you want to call it. We can do it for you. This technique probably shaped the visual effects industry back in the day, and yes, it is still here like the first day! Frame by frame, coffee after coffee, we are going to have the job done and done well.
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Having an awesome and professional website is easier than ever. With today’s massive availability of stunning WordPress templates, it makes no sense to spend money and effort creating a website from scratch. We can help you customize your template, set up your hosting service, create your email accounts, and much more.