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The Birth of a New Brand
It is always exciting to create a brand from the ground up, but it’s more exciting when the new entity is part of a great heritage.

Creating a new logo under a well-stabilized brand umbrella represents an interesting conceptual challenge for the marketing discipline. A sister brand’s name suggests an endorsement of all the values that the old name signifies, which challenges traditional marketing wisdom with regards to brand equity. “A fundamental premise underpinning marketing education and practice is that strong brands are built through many years of sustained investment in a brand name which, if well judged, will yield a loyal consumer franchise, higher margins and a continuing stream of income for the brand owner” (Aaker, 1996; Kapferer, 1998; Keller, 2002).

Intrinsic Quality
The way people see you, the way you say things, what people expect from you; all this is what you are as a brand in the mind of loyal customers. This equity we have from the ZeeTV brand will allow us to not only establish a really high start-point where the new entity will start rising, but also will allow us to introduce excitement for the expectation of what is yet to come; an intrinsic value that will grow really fast based on what people believe you can do.

Originality/ Value/ Approach
The entertaiment industry is recognized by young audiences––and probably by the general public––as a state-of-the-art platform with plenty of urban influence. Being happy, hip, fun, updated, and very high-end quality driven is what it is all about in this industry, and those are the premises of our logo design approach.

Our Vision
It’s all about the process. Without the process the results would not clearly represent the evolution of your product, idea, or service. Our creative approach will provide the client with a solid range of styles, options, and graphical solutions to achieve the desired impacting goal. Multiple design sessions and revisions will aide in the process of determining the overall look and final production path taken and techniques used.

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